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In 1990 Slegers made a framework for a book about his work. Unfortunately he has not been able to finish it himself but his plan has formed the point of departure of this book.

The composition was taken in hand by his partner Josje Manden and photographer Hans Joachim Schroter. They were assisted by Slegers’s daughters Saskia and Sylvia.

The book contains a well-considered selection of Slegers’s free work, an essay in which Maarten Beks describes in an inimitable way the long-lasting friendship he had with the artist and a chronological outline of Slegers’s activities, exhibitions and presentations.

The publication has been effected by contributions of: the municipal of Eindhoven, the C. van Renessefund /
F. van Walsemfund, Rabobank Eindhoven, the VSB-Fund, Djax Records B.V. and the Prins Bernhard Culturefund of Noord Brabant.

H.J. Schröter, Eindhoven
ISBN 90-805027-2-3

Technical information:
Size 20 x 20cm (8” x 8”), 40 figures in full colour, 20 figures in black/white.

500 copies softcover at 28 Euro each (excl. p & p)
100 copies hardcover at 35 Euro each (excl. p & p)

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